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Pulley design
Calculates data for pulley shafts, discs, shells, and bearings for operating tensions, as well as giving total weights.

Both drive and non-drive pulleys can be designed using the program.

The program has been developed for the design of Live Shaft Pulleys, and is a DOS based program which can be run in Windows 95, 98, Me and XP. 

An upgraded version is currently being developed for both live shaft and dead shaft pulleys and will be available shortly.

The program accommodates pulley assemblies up to 500mm bearing diameter.

The program has been used for the design of many thousands of pulleys worldwide.

Calculates power, tension and braking requirements for belt conveyors under all modes of operation.

The program accommodates multiple booster drives and all types of belt tension take – up arrangements such as gravity, screw and powered winch loop storage systems.

CON2000T is a mathematical model capable of examining the various relationships between the variables associated with the design of both simple and complex conveyors.

The program is Windows based with a user friendly interface. In addition to calculating power and tensions,

CON2000T includes several supplementary programs to assist in other areas of conveyor design. These include;

Belt Mass - Transitions - Belt Carcass
Belt Capacity - Skirt Resistance - Belt Cover
Pulley Mass - Terminal Friction - Multiple Drives

Demonstration application & docs